Green Tea

Since green tea is dried without fermentation, its tanning substances are completely preserved, as well as vitamins B, E, C (anti-rhinitis); fluorine (for healthy teeth); manganese (against osteoporosis); up to 1% caffeine (for mental alertness). Green Tea helps to remove heavy metals from the human body. It is also highly recommended to smokers, because it helps to gradually remove the accumulated harmful substances. Read More


Oolong, green and black tea are a product of one plant – “Camellia sinensis”. The main difference is in the tea manufacturing process – black tea is fully fermented, green tea is not fermented and oolong is partially fermented.Read More

White Tea

White tea is different from black, green and oolong. White teas are difficult to produce and that is why they are available in limited quantities only. They are not fermented. The meaning of Chinese translation of white tea is “the lightest hue of the tea infusion”. Fine, gentle, mild, ritual tea – it is the emperors tea. It’s look is compared it to the edelweiss leaves. The unique taste of white tea requires an experienced tongue – a perfect tea connoisseur.

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