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7.40 лв.

Based on black and Oolong tea, chocolate and a fine pastry touch melt into a real culinary delight. Sweet little hearts and confetti make this tea a real eye-catcher.

SpoonDosage ThermometerBrewing temperature TimerBrewing Time
1 heaped tea spoon 100°C 3 – 5 minutes

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THE GIVEN PRICE IS FOR 50g OF TEA. Oolong tea, black tea, cocoa husk, carob bits, shredded coconut, white cocoa butter splits (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, dextrose), cinnamon, sweet blackberry leaves, chocolate flakes (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa powder), naturally coloured sugarhearts (sugar, almonds, invert sugar, glucose syrup, colouring beetroot juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, flavour), flavour, naturally coloured sugar confetti (sugar, almonds, invert sugar, glucose syrup, colouring plant extracts: safflower, algae, beetroot, lemon juice concentrate, flavour)
May contain traces of other nuts.

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