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Tea is our passion and we treat it with a lot of love, emotion and attitude. We offer you our valuable knowledge and experience that we have gained traveling the tea fields of the world.

Our history

The first tea delivered by us was in 1995 from the island of Ceylon where we met the best tea masters. They awakened our love and interest in this magical drink, which for more than 20 years we have enjoyed and which we do not stop studying.

10 years later, in 2005, with a lot of love and care, we also created the Tea House. To this day, we continue to meet our suppliers from different parts of the world and increase our tea selection and our knowledge of the exotic drink. Today we offer more than 400 types of tea from four continents: Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. It is our love for tea that gives us the motivation to deal with “the cup that makes us happy – the cup of health”.

We have seen and learned a lot and continue to learn about this mystical drink that unites East and West in “One Cup”. We want to share this vast world of tea with you and encourage you to taste the flavors of the different types, which are wholesome and sometimes strange.

Matcha Tea

International Tea Day

International Tea Day (December 15) is established to ensure better living conditions for tea plantation workers and to protect their rights. It is also intended to prevent large corporations from buying up processed produce for next to nothing, while at the same time in America and Europe it is being sold at much higher prices.


Customers for us:

Donika Aksieva

Regardless of whether I am buying wholesale tea or have decided to drink a cup on the spot, I always leave Tea House Plovdiv with a smile. The owner is great, very kind and welcoming, he cares about his customers and is willing to open every single box for you to smell his tea before he sells it to you. He himself knows the products very well and always manages to recommend something that is exactly to my taste. I highly recommend sitting down to drink a cup and sweeten yourself with a cookie - compliments of the establishment!

Evgeniya Terzieva

A unique place with an amazing tea selection. Always kind, responsive and smiling. A favorite place we look forward to visiting.

Denica Koleva

A wide variety of tea for lovers of the drink or for those who want to make a gift. Interesting flavors, mixes with extravagant herbs, fruits or spices for every taste.