Exploring the world of tea is our passion, which we treat with love and respect. We offer you the valuable knowledge and experience that we have gained by travelling around the world’s tea estates.

Our Story

It was in 1995 when we first imported tea from the island of Ceylon. We met the best tea experts there. They aroused our love and interest in this enchanting drink, which we enjoy for over 20 years and which we continue to explore.

10 years later, in 2005, with lots of love and passion, we created the Tea House. Today we continue to meet with our suppliers from different parts of the world and increase our tea selection and knowledge about the exotic drink. Today we offer over 400 teas from four continents: Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. It is our affection for tea that gives us the motivation to deal with the “cup that makes us happy – the cup of health”.

We have learned a lot for the past years and we still continue to explore this mystical beverage that connects the East and the West “in one glass”. We would like to share with you this infinite world of tea and encourage you to taste the different sorts that are healthy and sometimes even strange.

International Tea Day

The international tea (December 15th) day is established in order to protect the rights of all tea growers and labourers and improve their living conditions. It also aims to prevent large corporations from buying their products at lower price while at the same time in America and Europe tea is consumed at extremely high prices.

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What our customers say

It’s a great experience to get into the “Tea House Plovdiv”. As if peace, silence and natural behavior here make you truly happy and relaxed. I wish all of you luck, health and happiness.


I love you “Tea House Plovdiv” You are Great.