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Битката на сенчитe, Китай срещу Япония

BACKHOUSE about us:

When was the last time you had tea? Some of you will answer without hesitation “A few minutes ago”, others – “A few months ago”. The journey into the world of tea ahead of us will surely be exciting for both types of readers, because one can have a different attitude towards this drink, but one thing is certain – it is hardly indifferent.

In order not to lose Ariadna’s tea thread in such an ambitious undertaking, we trust the experience of Adrian Kumbiliev – expert and co-founder of the very special “Tea House Plovdiv”, with whom we have met you before. And although China is the birthplace of the drink, with it we symbolically begin the series from where the sun rises, but far back in time, in 705 AD, when the monk Dengyo Daishi brought the drink from China to Japan. At that time, tea was only reserved for Buddhist monks so they could stay awake during their long meditations. Four centuries later, Yesai, also a monk, revived the cultivation of the tea plant in Japan and published the first book on the subject in Japan. In the 13th century, the bitter, invigorating liquid left the monasteries, and the tea ceremony became an integral part of Japanese life and culture.

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