Frequently Asked Questions

Q? How to prepare the perfect tea?

A. For detailed information, please visit “How to prepare tea”, located at the “Interesting” category in our Blog.

Q? Can we use a metal jug?
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How to Prepare Tea

For a glass of 200 ml. only 2 grams of tea (about 1 teaspoon) is needed; for a can of 1l. – 1 tablespoon tea.

Green tea

If you want to prepare the drink properly and it really does show miraculous qualities, never pour the tea with boiling water. The high temperature will destroy the vitamins and worsen the taste of the tea. Allow the boiling water to stand for 5 to 6 minutes to cool down and then pour the tea. And if you want to make the most of its usefulness, forget about sugar and milk.
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Exhibitions and Presentations at the Tea House

We provide space for enthusiasts with different talents to present their work for free. You can use our tea room for your exhibitions such as presentation of your books, paintings, photographs, handmade accessories and more. You can present your works in the tea room and share them with us and all our guests.

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