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Мао Фенг и Чун Ме - скритите съкровища на Китай

Mao Feig and Chun Me in brief

Mao Feng – light yellow with pink undertones, Chun Me – light green to golden.

Teas for everyday use, suitable for people who lead a healthy lifestyle. Highly antioxidant and invigorating.

Typical for
China, increasingly popular in Europe.

Aromas and flavors
Mao Feng – nose with light fruit notes, delicate body with dominant peaches and apricots, in the finish – notes of vanilla and restrained tannins. Chun Me – grassy nose, in the body, in addition to freshly cut hay, there are toasted slices. The finish is strongly grassy and tannic.

Production methods
Mao Feng – drying and partial fermentation, Chun Me – partial fermentation and tray roasting.

During the day, between meals, avoid their use late at night due to the caffeine content.

China is the homeland of tea, which is the main reason for the great variety of this drink. Last TEAsting we were on a wave of rare specialties, and now we are returning to tradition – green teas. The fight for consumer attention in this segment is not from yesterday. On the one hand, Japan offers material at a very high level, but as our host from Tea House Plovdiv Adrian says, “in recent years, the Japanese have raised the prices so much that for the Bulgarian consumer their teas are becoming more and more a luxury”.

This trend is, of course, welcome for Chinese manufacturers, who with their huge volumes and low cost of production are capturing an ever-increasing percentage of the market.