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Vintage Tea

We provide space for enthusiasts with different talents to present their work for free. You can use our tea room for your exhibitions such as presentation of your books, paintings, photographs, handmade accessories and more. You can present your works in the tea room and share them with us and all our guests.

Here are some of our most prominent talents:

Andrei Krastev – hand-made wooden spoons

Hristina Lazarova Meganova – woolen accessories

Zahari Shinikchiev and Yolana Bankova – photography

Marian Drew – photo “Bandicoot With Quince” is part of the cycle “Still”

Petar Karagyurov – reproduction of paintings

Lilia Zaikova – leather paintings

Andrei Krastev – aquarelle paintings

Hristina Beeva – paintings

Manoela Ignatova and Simona Ignatova – an exhibition

Nadya Koycheva – icons

Daniela Dinkova – an exhibition

Pepa Stavreva – a wool exhibition

Nedelyan Neshev, Lydia Todorova, Martin Bozhkov, Svilena Teneva – “Realities” project

Zhivko Stoilov – Bharata faces

Nikola Minchev and Denitsa Toneva – an exhibition, x2

Vesi and Nina – “Treasures and Dreams” exhibition of fabric

Lilia Arabadjieva – aquarelle paintings

Mariana Toneva – Sun in Tea

Anastasia Kmetova – ceramics

National School of Performing Arts and Visual Arts in the town of Plovdiv – “A bit of theater”

Sevka Barbina – Woven Wall Canavas- Chiprovtsi School

Irina and Pavlina – “With Heart and Hands” – an exhibition of recycled paper

Pavel Badzhakov – photography

Nedelyan Neshev – photography

Ruth Fernandez (Israel) – an exhibition

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