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черен чай от Русия, Кения и Шри Ланка

It was by no means easy for us and our tea expert from Tea House Plovdiv – Adrian Kumbiliev to leave the breathtaking meadows of the Rhodopes, where we were for the previous TEAsting and tried different types of Mursal tea. But every good journey has its end, we are happy to replace it with an even more exciting one – black tea. So far we have paid due attention to the greens, but the truth is that the world tea industry rests on a single mastodon and that is black tea. The whole world drinks it, morning, noon, and some daredevils even in the evening. Generally speaking, if you find yourself in a region with higher fat consumption, you can expect to be served black tea. It remains a proven means of neutralizing excess acidity and improving the digestion process. There are nationalities – English, Indians and Turks – who literally cannot do without it.