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Мате и лапачо - напитките на боговете

The new year – new tea destinations. We open the TEAsting season with a continent we haven’t set foot on yet – South America. At these latitudes, the mate and the lapacho have been on the throne for centuries. It is generally believed that compared to Asia and even Europe, Latinos do not consume tea. However, the truth is quite different. An eloquent example in this regard is the fact that Argentines and Paraguayans drink more mate tea per day than mineral water. I had no idea that the “contagion” had spread so much until the moment when our tea host Adrian Kumbiliev welcomed me to the Plovdiv Tea House with the line: “Today we will try Leo Messi’s favorite drink!”. Then he showed me a photo of the top scorer taken after the World Cup final – Messi in his bed with the cup and a maté gourd in his hand.

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