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Непосилната лекота на белите чайове

During the last TEAsting, we were surprised by the impressive taste and growing popularity of teas mate and lapacho. However, the cold season is passing and our receptors loaded with fattier winter foods already crave more lightness and freshness. One way is to abruptly change latitude, jumping from Latin America directly to China. As the homeland of the plant (Camellia sinensis), this Asian country has been famous over the centuries for many different teas, from oolong to black and green. However, if there is one thing that the Chinese can be proud of in front of the world, it is undoubtedly the whiteness. Here I open an important parenthesis to clarify what exactly makes this type of tea different from the others. The main thing is the absence or presence of minimal fermentation during production. This automatically means an increased level of antioxidants at the expense of tannins and caffeine, which tend to the absolute minimum. It sounds great for all users who care about a healthy lifestyle and don’t want their heart racing.

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