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Q? How to prepare the perfect tea?

A. For detailed information, please visit “How to prepare tea”, located at the “Interesting” category in our Blog.

Q? Can we use a metal jug?

A. We recommend using glass or ceramics, but it is still a matter of taste and sensation. Also avoid using detergents, instead just rinse the jug with water after use.

Q? What kind of water should we use to prepare tea?

A. The clean, soft (chlorine and limestone free) and  fresh water will keep the original taste of tea as well as its healthy qualities.

For each type of tea a different water temperature is recommended.

For more details, please visit “How to prepare tea”, located at the “Interesting” category in our Blog.

Q? What kind of tea is suitable for children?

A. Children love fruit teas (the so-called baby teas). They are suitable for all ages. Lapacho, Green and Rooibos teas are suitable for children over 2 years old. Only black teas are not recommended for children because of the caffeine content.

Q? Where are your teas coming from?

A. We have been importing tea since 1995. We still maintain a warm relationship with our first Sri Lankan partners, which we are very proud of. Apart from that, we also import tea from Europe and India. We also partner with Bulgarian companies and we are happy to offer Bulgarian high quality herbs.

Q? Can we mix several different types of tea a day?

A. Besides health drink, tea is also a pleasure. You can drink it as much as you like, but we still like to give the example of a favorite Bulgarian drink – the wine. Would you mix white and red wine in a glass?

Q? Can we place an online order?

A. You can place an order over the phone (+359 32 635589 / + 359 887 434 722), via e-mail (teahouse@abv.bg or sales@teahouseplovdiv.com) or through our online shop (www.teahouseplovdiv.com/magazin/) and we will send the desired tea to the address you have  provided or the cоurier office you have chosen. Please have in mind that in our online shop we offer a limited number of teas. For more information about our complete tea range, please contact us.

Q? Do you supply restaurants / stores?

A. You can find teas from the Tea House in stores all over the country. We also supply some wonderful restaurants, yoga studios, beauty salons and fitness centers.

Plovdiv Tea House is a reserved patented brand. If you are interested, you can purchase from us the rights to use logo, layout, assortment and know-how.

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