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Vietnam Green Tea

Since green tea is dried without fermentation, its tanning substances are completely preserved, as well as vitamins B, E, C (anti-rhinitis); fluorine (for healthy teeth); manganese (against osteoporosis); up to 1% caffeine (for mental alertness). Green Tea helps to remove heavy metals from the human body. It is also highly recommended to smokers, because it helps to gradually remove the accumulated harmful substances. Regular drinking of green tea, combined with your intentions and efforts to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, will lead to fewer illnesses and will even prolong your life. Green tea is a balm for the respiratory system, protects against flu, colds and other infectious diseases. Several cups of green tea daily strengthen the cardiovascular system, maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels – the capillaries, heal their walls.

Green tea can also be used as a cosmetic – to improve facial complexion – to firm and tighten your skin’s look and remove tiredness and dark circles under the eyes.

Green tea contains polyphenols and is a powerful antioxidant. It protects cells and DNA from free radical damage. Green tea regulates weight, lowers blood pressure, helps lower the “bad” cholesterol levels and helps balance blood sugar levels.

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