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Rooibos Original Organic Tea


Rooibos is the national drink of South Africa and is highly valued.  There are intensive researches about its health benefits. It is known that drinking rooibos tea can cure asthma,  allergies, headaches and premature aging.
Rooibos is also known as the drink of the athletes due to its high mineral content. It quickly restores energy loss and prevents symptoms of muscle stiffness. It also reduces the chances of developing arthritis, osteoporosis and chronic joint pain. Four cups of rooibos tea a day cover 1/3 of the daily human body’s need of iron. This is the tea of ​​the vegetarians. It contains not only iron but also enough honey and vitamin C. Rooibos does not contain tannins. It is highly recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers as well as for people who have lost too much blood. The plant contains quercetin – flavonoids. This helps in the process of neutralization of substances blocking the serotonin (the hormone of happiness) and therefore improves sleep and contributes to our good mood. Rooibos lowers blood sugar levels and therefore is suitable for people who suffer from diabetes.

Honeybush (Honey Tea)

It is also known as а “mountain tea” (Cyclopia intermedia) and grows in the mountains of Eastern Cape, South Africa. It does not contain caffeine and is rich in minerals and vitamins just like Rooibos. Honeybush is more dense than Rooibos and is becoming more and more popular because of its fruity, sweet and honey flavour. Typical for this tea is that its tender branches, needle-like leaves and yellow flowers can only be picked once on every three years and that is why the tea is in limited quantities.

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