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Африкански медени сладости

Despite the temperatures and autumn sun, in this new TEAsting we will go to warmer places. After we introduced you to pressed Chinese teas the previous time, we are moving to a completely different continent – Africa. “We are planning a colorful tasting, why not play some African music?” Adrian Kyumbiliev from Tea House Plovdiv greets me with this question. A few introductory words from me about today’s African heroes of the test – rooibos (from Afrikaans – red bush) and honeybush (honey bush). First of all – both species have nothing to do with the tea plant. Paradoxically, rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) and honeybush (Cyclopia intermedia) are in the Legume family, although their appearance does not suggest so. In the pre-colonial era cha rooibos tea was held in special esteem among the local tribes, the settlers, in turn, used it as a substitute for the then expensive black tea coming from India. In 1904, the farmer with English roots, Benjamin Ginsberg, paved the way for the cultivation of the medicinal bush.


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