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Коледни блендове

There is only one time of the year when no one pays attention to clichés – at Christmas we accept them with a smile. Yes, this winter holiday is all about the enchanting scents of cinnamon, cloves, orange peel and ginger. No matter how hard we try to avoid them, these scents will inevitably appear from somewhere. And the easiest way to “fight” a cliché is to give in to it. In the last TEAsting, we warmed up the festive spirit with masala, now we stay on a similar wave – with our host from Tea House Plovdiv, Adrian Kumbiliev, we will try two of the most popular Christmas blends – “Golden Globe” and “Red Dragon”. In addition to Adrian, I am greeted by several Christmas trees of various sizes, long-bearded gnomes and gift trains. In short – Christmas is here and we need to get to work. The main thing to say about today’s tasting participants is that they are basically two very different teas. While “Red Dragon” is based on milk oolong (Chinese tea partially fermented with milk), “Golden Globe” contains Chinese black tea that has undergone full fermentation. This is where the completely different tastes of the two potions come from. full article in bacchus.bg