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Корени и плодчета за имунитет

Spring is a season in which not only the weather is changeable, but also the body surprises us with its constant whims. In the last TEAsting, we looked for the freshness and airiness of two white teas, and now we will bet on something completely different – fruits and roots.

And now where? The mixtures are a whole sea. This time, with our host from Tea House Plovdiv, Adrian Kumbiliev, we avoid the classic formula, which relies on black or green tea as the base. We will test two mixtures with a different composition, but with a similar immunostimulating effect: Sweet Spring and Root Power. Their names are eloquent and directly address their content.

The first mixture – apple, black elder, hibiscus flower, licorice, blackberry leaves and fruit, and the second – ginger, turmeric, dandelion roots, carob, chicory, licorice. The connecting element between the two teas is the licorice root, also known in folk medicine as licorice, licorice or licorice. Due to the large amount of the substance glycyrrhizin, which is a natural sweetener, the rhizomes of this plant are revered in cooking. We can’t help but mention Pippi Longstocking’s favorite licorice candies here. In addition to the production of delicacies, licorice is also used to treat endocrine diseases and normalize hormonal balance, so its presence in tea mixtures is always welcome.

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